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Home inspections during COVID-19 Level 3

Its been a tough time for everybody including home buyers, home sellers, estate agents and home inspectors as well! The good news is that with the COVID-19 Lockdown level 3, THE HOME DETECTIVE is open for business. So! Don’t delay, contact me today for a Free Quote for your home inspection. I am still providing the best inspections at the best prices in Gauteng!

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Coronavirus (Covid_19)

Coronavirus, the Lockdown and The Home Detective

Home inspections are not regarded as an essential service during the Coronavirus Lockdown. Therefore, I will only be available after the isolation period for inspections.

However, I am still available for your queries and question concerning inspections between 7 am and 5 pm daily.

Please go to my Contact Page if you want to contact me. I will either reply with an email or I will phone you.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for the end of the isolation period, feel free to go to my website and blog if you are looking for useful and interesting posts and pages concerning you and you home.

Please keep safe!

Best wishes.

Jurie Fourie


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Consumers and the Property Practitioners Bill

Has the Property Practitioners Bill missed the point?


Are consumers offered more protection?

Parliament passed the new Property Practitioners Bill on Tuesday 4th December 2018. This bill has been on the cards before 2011!

The Bill was supposed to finally provide buyers (consumers) more protection in the secondary housing market.

However, it appears the Minister of Human Settlements and his staff and the National Assembly totally missed the point!

Here is that portion of the Bill:



Mandatory disclosure form

  1. A property practitioner –
    1. may not accept a mandate unless the seller or lessor of the property has provided him or her with a fully completed and signed mandatory disclosure in the prescribed form; and
    2. must provide a copy of the completed mandatory disclosure form to a prospective purchaser or lessee who intends to make an offer for the purchase or lease of a property.
  2. The completed mandatory disclosure form signed by all relevant parties must be attached to any agreement for the sale or lease of property and forms an integral part of that agreement, but if such a disclosure form was not completed, signed or attached, the agreement must be interpreted as if no defects or deficiencies of the property were disclosed to the purchaser.
  3. A property practitioner who fails to comply with subsection (1) may be held liable by any affected consumer.
  4. Nothing in this section prevents the Authority from taking action against a property practitioner or imposing an appropriate sanction.
  5. Nothing in this section prevents a consumer, for his or her own account, from undertaking a private property inspection to confirm the state of the property before finalising the transaction.

This is the protection this Bill offers to buyers (consumers) who buy properties from sellers.

So what has changed? Continue reading “Consumers and the Property Practitioners Bill”

About me

home inspector

Certified Home Inspector – Gauteng

Home inspector
Jurie Fourie – Certified Professional Home Inspector and owner of THE HOME DETECTIVE

My Mission

My goal as a certified home inspector is to provide you with a thorough, objective and confidential inspection and report.

The report will provide you with the necessary information to make a well-informed decision when purchasing a property. As a result, you reduce your risk considerably!

Furthermore, you will also receive advice on the proper maintenance of your property.

As a home inspector, I consider only your interests when conducting an inspection! Other parties, who may have a vested interest in the sale of the property, will not influence the accuracy of the inspection and your property report.

I adhere strictly to the guidelines set by InterNACHI to give you the most professional, reliable and courteous service.

Complete customer satisfaction is my goal!

Why hire me as your Home Inspector?


I obtained a National Higher Diploma (NQF6) in Construction Management in 1974. I was employed as a contracts manager and later as an area manager by companies such as Murray&Roberts, LTA, Stocks & Stocks, Schacht Homes and Balwin Properties.

In addition, I have over 40 years of experience in the building industry. This includes construction project management of complexes, high rise and industrial buildings, large housing township projects including roads and services, systems experience, property inspection and much more! To sum it up, during my career, I have been involved with building and inspecting every type of construction project excluding a bridge and a tunnel.

I am a certified home inspector and a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Therefore, I have extensive professional training to provide you with the best service you will find anywhere!

Sole owner

My business is not a franchise like many other inspection companies, I am the sole proprietor of my business. Moreover, to guarantee the highest inspection and report standards, I conduct all inspections myself! In addition, because I am independent and not connected with a franchiser, I can offer you far better value for money with reduced inspection fees!

You will still receive the best in-depth, detailed and comprehensive inspection report, with photos, that are easy to understand. If you are still unsure, look at how many unsolicited testimonials I have received on Facebook and Google My Business in comparison to other inspectors!

Furthermore, I use the latest technology and home inspection equipment. I also have had extensive professional training to provide you with the best service you will find anywhere!

My pricing is extremely competitive, but if you get a cheaper quote from another certified inspector or inspection company, and you feel comfortable with them then you should go with them! But please, whatever you decide to do, have an inspection for your own benefit.

Inspection area

I inspect properties from Johannesburg South to the north of Pretoria, as far west as Hartbeespoort and brits and as far east as Bronkhorstspruit.


My availability until 7 pm every evening on weekdays and during the day on Saturday gives you the option of having your inspection at your convenience. Furthermore, you are welcome to phone me 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

As a certified home inspector, I abide by InterNACHI’s strict Code of Ethics. All inspections are performed according to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice for our industry.

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions please contact me. I will resolve your query as soon as possible.

When you make an offer on a property you must insert an Inspection Contingency in the offer.

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My Promise

home inspectors

My Promise To You

certified home inspector

Jurie Fourie – Certified Home Inspector, member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and owner of THE HOME DETECTIVE

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Yes, your home is one of the biggest investments you will make. Furthermore, choosing the right certified home inspectors can be difficult.

Many factors may influence your choices such as different qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods and pricing.

Testimonials and recommendations are also important in making your choice. However, there is no doubt that the best trained and experienced home inspectors are InterNACHI certified inspectors!

But one thing is certain, good home inspections and reports do require a lot of work! Most of my work in a home inspection and a report is not in the physical inspection itself but in the producing of the inspection report! Reports can take anything from 1 to 2 full days to produce!

As a result, the home inspection knowledge, skill, experience and commitment that I have are paramount in providing you with the best home inspection and report in the business. I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort and commitment when inspecting your property and producing your inspection report.

This I promise you.

home inspectors pledge

Jurie Fourie – NACHI14102004

Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

I inspect in most areas and municipalities in the northern part of Gauteng.

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