Buying new home? Make sure you have these Documents!

Important documents you need when you buy a home:

When you buy a property make sure you have the following documentation before you take transfer of the property:

    • Building plans, including all alterations,  are up to date and including occupation certificates.
    • The latest municipal accounts with respect to rates and taxes, electricity, water and other consumption charges.
    • The latest levy and/or Home Owners Association accounts if applicable.
    • Seller’s disclosure
    • Electrical COC (Certificate of Compliance)
    • Electrical Fence Certificate (if applicable)
    • Gas Certificate of Conformance (if applicable)
    • Beetle certificate (Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal)
    • Plumbing Certificate (Cape Town)

Your estate agent should provide you with these documents.

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  1. If there is an accident or your home burns down your insurance may not cover you if you do not have compliance certificates for electricity, gas and electric fences!

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