Electric Fence

Electric fences and your home security

electric fence

An electrified fence is your first line of defence in securing your home!

Few homeowners realise that there are very strict regulations governing the installation and maintenance of an electrified fence. Many don’t have an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance.

New electric fence regulations

Electrified fence regulations were amended in 2011. However, at the time the regulations did not receive much attention.

The regulations that apply to electrified fences are the Electrical Machinery Regulations. They fall under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

But is it really an issue? The answer is yes! The authorities are now enforcing the regulations and many homeowners are up in arms!

Registered electric fence installers

The law requires that only certified installers may erect electrified fences. Furthermore, the Association of South African Electric Fence Installers tests and accredits all installers. As a result, we can now check who is a qualified installer and who is not.

You run the risk of criminal prosecution if your electric fence is not installed by a certified installer.

You don’t have to replace your old electrified fence. As long as it complies with the old 1988 regulations, they are perfectly legal. However, if it does comply, there is no reason why you don’t have a COC.

What can be the result of a non-compliance electrified fence?

  • Your insurance company can reject your claim.
  • Injuries from shocks can result in an owner’s prosecution.

In the same way, as Electrical CoCs protect us, the newly amended electrified fence regulations protect us as well. Therefore, if you have not complied with the regulations and don’t have a COC from a registered installer or company you are at odds with the law!

Moreover, if you are thinking of selling your home and you don’t have a Certificate of Compliance for the fence you will be compelled to have it inspected to get one before your sale can go through.


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