Clean Your Gutters and Roof Now!

Leafs and debris in your gutters

Spring has arrived at last! However, you should have inspected and maintained your gutters and roof by the end of winter. But, if you haven’t, you better do so now! They may be clogged with leaves, debris and dust.

The flow of rainwater may be blocked or restricted in the gutters and the downpipes. They will overflow!


Your roof’s structure is or will be damaged!

Gather up your ladder, a plastic bag, your hosepipe and get busy. If you don’t, the timbers supporting your gutters may soon look like this!


If your roof does not have gutters installed, the roof structure probably has damage to the feet of the roof trusses. Check under the eaves of the roof for moisture damage before it’s too late.

roof structure

Consider installing gutters before the roof timbers rot and fail. If they have rotted the repairs will be extensive and expensive!

Check your roof and gutters

Cut back trees and branches that deposit leaves and dead wood on the roof. Remove any debris from your roof. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a good roofing contractor to get the job done. This should be a priority. Debris prevent the free flow of rainwater off the roof! Roof tiling and roof sheeting are not 100% waterproof. These roofs are water-shedding systems rather than waterproofing systems.

Flat roof
Debris and dust on roof sheeting retain moisture which eventually results in the deterioration and corrosion of the roof.

Tiled roofs

Check your tiled roof while you’re up cleaning your gutters! Check for broken or cracked roof tiles, dislodged tiles and cracked mortar on the ridges and hips.

If the hips and ridges of your tiled roof look like this you need to have your roof inspected and repaired!

Foot traffic easily damages the tiles on your roof. If you walk on your tiled roof you will probably cause some damage. Also, consider the safety aspect! A fall from your roof can result in serious injuries and even death. Roofing specialists should repair any defective or broken tiling

Metal roofs

Metal roofs expand during the day and contact at night year in and year out. Roof screws and sealing washers loosen as a result. At least once per year you need to check the roof screws and reset them if necessary. In addition, check the washers. Either seal or replace the damaged washers.

Metal roofs require constant maintenance because of thermal movement! Note the projecting roofing screw!

Climatic conditions and pollution reduce the life of metal roofs, particularly those close to industrial areas. Leaves and other debris retain the moisture which, in time, cause the protective zinc coating on roof sheeting to corrode.

Special coatings prevent further corrosion of the roof sheeting. Corroded areas are normally sealed with cold galvanising or special roof paint. Don’t try it yourself, rather leave it the preparation and coating for the specialists!

Maintain your roof and gutters

roof inspection
A roof inspection of your roof is important because it protects you against the elements.

Keep your gutters and roof clean as you would the inside of your house.

If you don’t look after your roof, it won’t look after you!


Inspected Once, Inspected Right!®


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