About Pre-listing Home Inspections

A Pre-listing Home Inspection and Report include the really important parts of the home! It is a critical or “Safe Home” inspection.

This inspection is an ideal inspection for sellers because it is the “Seller’s disclosure“.

With a Pre-listing Inspection, I focus and report on the critical components of a home which are the roof, roof space, structure (inside and outside), windows and doors, electricity and plumbing installations, and any damp problems!

Therefore, a Pre-listing Inspection is ideal if you only require an inspection of the major components of the home. Besides, it is more affordable!  My fee for a Pre-listing Home Inspection report is about 75% of the cost of a Comprehensive Inspection, depending on the distance I would need to travel to the property.

What does a Pre-listing Inspection include

It may include structural cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors. Issues such as dampness, roof leaks, illegal or unsafe geyser installations, and window and door issues. However, I only inspect the external and internal wall, floor, and ceiling finish for signs of structural issues, dampness or damage from moisture intrusion.

Electrical and gas installations are also part of a Pre-listing Home Inspection. I inspect and report on stoves, air conditioners, and other built-in appliances. Plug points, light fixtures and switches are also checked. Moreover, I report on surface drainage, vegetation, and foliage issues that may affect the structure and roof adversely.

Besides the geyser installation, I check the water supply to all other plumbing fixtures and fittings as well as the drainage from them. I report on all leaks or faults observed during the Pre-listing Home Inspection.

A Pre-listing Inspection includes unsafe, functional, or structural issues which, in my opinion, require prompt remedial attention. Furthermore, I report on preventative remedial actions that are required to preserve the safety, functionality or structural integrity of the home or major installation.

What is not included

Other external elements such as boundary and yard walls, the site, driveways, walkways, garden sheds, etc. do not form part of the Pre-listing Inspection.

In addition, I inspect walls, floors, and ceilings for damp and structural issues only! I also inspect BICs, sink and kitchen cupboards, and counters for moisture intrusion only.


Inspected Once, Inspected Right!®


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