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inspection cost

Home Inspection Report Costs

Comprehensive and critical inspection reports are no longer checklists, they are descriptive reports with narratives
My comprehensive and critical inspection won’t cost you an arm or a leg! As the owner, I do the inspection myself to keep costs low!

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Home Inspection Report costs

The inspection cost of a home inspection and a report is only a very small fraction of a % of the cost of your property. Furthermore, not having a comprehensive home inspection to determine the actual condition of the property can be a mistake that will cost you for many years to come!

All my residential and commercial property inspections are in full accordance with InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice for residential and commercial properties, and InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics.

I inspect and provide various types of inspection reports in these areas:

  • Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Area
  • Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipal Area,
  • Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Area,
  • Mogale City Local Municipality Area,
  • Hartbeespoort
  • and Brits.

I am trained and certified by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

Because I am the owner of the business and I do the inspection myself, canto keep overheads low and pass these savings onto you.

You will receive your report within 2 working days after the day of the inspection. Most of the work in home inspections and reports are not in the physical inspection itself but in the producing of the inspection report! Reports can be anything from 15 pages to a huge 50 pages and can take anything from 1 to 2 full days to produce!

The type of home inspection report and inspection cost:

1) An Itemised Limited Inspection and Report

This covers only single components of the property, for example, a roof leak, a bulging ceiling, a damp problem and so forth.

This kind of inspection is also the cheapest, starting at R1500,00. If you want more components inspected at the same time, the additional inspection cost will be R750.00 per component.

However, if I need to travel further than 5 kilometres to the inspection an additional charge may be applicable.

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2) Walk Through Inspections

A walk-through inspection is for a client who does not (at this point) want a full home or commercial property inspection. This inspection can be performed with you, or for you if you live elsewhere, and you need nothing more than verbal subjective observations.

This type of inspection costs far less than a Comprehensive or Critical Home Inspection and about the same as a Single Component Inspection. Again, the cost depends on where the property is in my inspection area.

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3) Comprehensive Inspection report

The most requested inspection is the Standard Comprehensive Home Inspection Report. My Comprehensive Inspection covers every single aspect of the property, including finishes.

In this case, the number of rooms in the property determines the inspection cost for a Comprehensive Home Inspection.

My room rate is from R250 to R350. The total square metres of the home determines the rate per room. Therefore, the smaller the house the higher the room rate.

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4) Critical Home Inspection report and inspection cost

The Critical Home Inspection Report is for the budget-conscious. For this reason, I focus on the critical components of a property, the roof, structure (inside and outside), windows and doors, electricity, and plumbing.

A critical inspection cost is about ¾ of the price of a comprehensive inspection.

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5) Snag Inspection report and inspection cost

If you are buying a new home from a builder or a developer then you may want to consider my Snag Inspection Reports.

This report and inspection cost are the same as for a comprehensive home inspection report but focus more on the finishes in the home.

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6) Building Progress Inspection reports and cost

When you are building a new home or making alterations and extensions to an existing property you will need quality inspections. With this in mind, Building Progress Inspections are your best option.

Costs per inspection will be similar to the cost of a Single Component Inspection, again, varies depending on where your property is near my office to cover possible additional travel costs.

However, the price is dependent on the number of inspections you may decide on. More inspections mean less individual inspection costs.

Alternatively, depending on your budget you may only require a Snag Report before making final payments to contractors.

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Rental Home Inspection report and inspection cost

If you are a landlord you should seriously consider my Rental Inspection Report as part of your written tenancy agreement.

The initial inspection to assess the condition of the property is the more costly of the inspections.

Travelling costs are added to the cost of inspections depending on the distance from my office.

The cost of the initial inspection cost will depend on the size of the property, its age, location and repeat inspections.

Once the initial assessment has been completed interim and repeat inspections are much cheaper.

Also, repeat inspections (outgoing and interim) will depend on the size of the property.

Don’t forget, your outgoing rental inspection becomes the next incoming inspection as well and will cost R100.00 extra for the administration change of tenant and tenant’s details.

The inspection cost of rental inspections is negotiable and depends on the number of rental properties, together with repeat inspections.

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8) Damp and Mould Home Inspection report and cost

My mould inspection service may require two or more inspections of the property if you require sampling. On my first inspection, I perform my damp and mould inspection and then produce a report of my preliminary findings. Normally, unless you require sampling, the first inspection is sufficient to determine the source of the mould and moisture and the action to take to solve the mould problem.

In most cases, if visible mould growth is present, sampling is usually unnecessary! Therefore, the initial inspection will be the 1st and final inspection and report.

The initial inspection may cost between R1,500 and R3,000 depending on the size of the house. This excludes travelling costs. The damp and mould inspection includes a report with photos and recommendations.

Sampling is expensive and usually unnecessary! If required, I will follow up and perform either surface or air sampling, or both. This is necessary if a sampling inspection is required to determine the concentration of mould spores and to identify the mould types. The sampling inspection is an expensive exercise which includes special sampling equipment, transport to laboratories, laboratory testing, reports and the analysis of the laboratory reports.

In addition, the cost of the sampling inspection is subject to the number of samples required and laboratory costs. I will, therefore, provide you with a quote for the inspection depending on the number of samples required.

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9) Commercial Property Inspection report and inspection cost

Commercial Property Inspections apply to purchasing or renting a commercial property. You receive a detailed evaluation of the building and its components as part of your “due diligence”. Furthermore, I will advise you of the overall condition and make recommendations regarding maintenance and improvements.

The inspection cost of a commercial property is different from that of a normal home inspection. I will do a preliminary inspection (Walkthrough Inspection) with you to determine the extent of your requirements. At the same time, I will determine if additional inspections are required by specialist inspection subcontractors. I will also need to interview the building’s maintenance personnel. Based on the information, I will then prepare an assessment of further requirements and a quote for your requirements.

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