100 things to do in South Africa

A very interesting and informative website


I thought I would travel to a different topic for a change!

I suggest you have a close look at the website called Jen Reviews. Amongst other very interesting sections, it has a travel section with the “100 Best Things to do in South Africa“!

I have been to most of the entertaining and interesting things in South Africa. However, I now see that there are some that I have missed! Before I left for my trip, thankfully, I went through multiple reviews of various products, as doing that really helped me grab all the best essential products or the trip.

The Swartberg Pass, Ukhuthula in Brits, the daisies in the Namaqua National Park and Tswaing Soutpan Meteor Crater are a few that I still must visit. 

Have a look at Jen’s website. You will find places in that list that you will need to put on your bucket list!

There’s a lot more than just travel!

Besides “The 100 Best Things” Jen Reviews has other brilliant travel articles on travel gear and travel tips that will keep you interested!

In addition, for those of you who are worried by your weight or are sports fanatics, you will find stuff that will tickle your fancy under Heath and Sports And Fitness.

Furthermore, under “Tools” I was surprised at the contents of “Home Office” which provided me with some amazing information to improve my working time in my office at home.  Surprisingly, this section is not only for the ladies but also has very useful tips for us men as well. Be sure to digest the information you will find there and elsewhere under the tool section!

My youngest daughter Kim and my son-in-law Marc will probably benefit from the section called “Baby“! Thankfully, I have grandchildren I can spoil when I want to. It’s great to be able to go home afterwards where there is peace and quiet when I’ve had enough!

Finally, Jen Reviews as a pet section providing all sorts of advice and tips on pets and pet care! Fortunately, we don’t have fish, birds, rats, mice or snakes as pets! Neither do we have a dog to present us with landmines in unsuspecting places. We are cat people and have three of the darlings who lord over us.

The only thing that is missing from Jen Reviews, of course, is that there is there should be “101 Best Things to do in South Africa”. What is missing is home inspections for home buyers, home sellers or homeowners! Maybe that will come someday!

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